Get and display Tweets in GatsbyJS

Social media are the most powerful tools in the modern world. Internet reaches areas which it didn’t in the past, the mobile applications market grows and more and more people use social media. As you can see in the chart below, Twitter shares drop in the social media market.
On the other hand, where Facebook and Instagram are mostly applications for marketing purposes, Twitter is, in my opinion, the best information tool. That’s why I would like to show how to get recent tweets and display them in a GatsbyJS application. 

Is your culture turquoise enough?

Our CEO, Mateusz Jarus, recently had a pleasure to take part in VenturePoland™ Podcast by Daniel Czachorowski.

If you’re interested:
– what is a turquoise organization?
– why did we turn down a 1 000 000 PLN investment in our startup?
– what are the 12 questions that predict success in a startup?
– how to survive 24 months cashflow issues?
– what kind of innovative startups Expansio has developed so far?
– why the culture of the company is so important in terms of its business success?
– how do we organize our selling processes to make them as effective as possible?

then please listen: