What is UX and why do I need it?

My name is Michał Dziedziniewicz and since March this year I have been supporting Expansio in UX Design issues with a chatbot project for learning programming: CodeAll (you can read more about the beginning of the project here). And what does that mean ? Well, that’s what I was going to tell you in a few words what this UX design is all about. (więcej…)

Innovations in education – alternative means of transferring knowledge and educational challenges in the 21st century

Ghost in the machine

Startups around the world offer innovative solutions in the field of Industry 4.0, smart cities, medicine and, among others, education( the so called  EdTech). Perhaps the education industry seems to be less popular – we still learn within the same walls – but at some startup conferences it is particularly promoted. For example, in this post, you can read about the South Summit conference in Madrit , where Expansio participated in a competition for educational startups called EnlightED.

The fruit of the work of the educational startups are proposals for new educational solutions. For example , while participating in the Kickstart accelerator in Zurich, Expansio got to know the Labster startup. Labster creates virtual laboratories that can be used with augmented reality glasses. The university no longer needs to build a specialized chemical laboratory for its students for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. All you need to do is to buy a Labster subscription, give students augmented reality glasses and you can choose from 200 available virtual laboratories (Interestingly, the search for application of new technologies seems to go hand in hand with the search for new methods of work organization –  Expansio is a turquoise organization and  Labster is a holacration  :)).


How to build a hardware startup – CodeAll – from scratch to market implementation


Almost 90% of  startups fail . Despite this, the number of startups is constantly growing. I also did it. It is not only about money, although it is also the motivation for many founders – the number of so called unicorns i.e. startups worth over  1 billion dollars, increased by over  350% between 2013 and  2018 . For me, it was mainly the desire to develop. I had a great need to do something that was creative and innovative, but at the same time valuable to others. This is what  makes my work meaningful.


Custom theme provider in React Native

About styles in React Native

Styles in React Native application can get messy really fast if you don’t give  them at least little attention  from the very beginning. First of all,  the inline styles are not a way to go. JSX already mixes presentation and logic layers a bit so there is no need to throw in a bunch of objects with styles and confuse the future self or anyone who might need to read and edit your code. A popular approach is to use React Native built-in StyleSheet and declare your styles outside of a component. You can also find other great methods, like styled-components, but we are not going to review all of them here. Feel free to explore and find a solution that suits you best.


Performance in React Native


In this article I will focus on a topic that is quite often overlooked by React Native developers, namely – performance.

React Native is quite efficient and its default capabilities are sufficient in most scenarios, but if, for example,  you are going to create a game in it,  you probably should get deeper and do your best in order to make your product run smoothly.


How did we build a mobile application for communication for Volkswagen Poznań?

There are moments when the world surprises. Such a surprise was certainly the COVID-19 pandemic , which has affected the lives of almost everyone on Earth. It would seem that nothing can stop the fast-moving world, but it just happened. (więcej…)

Build things that will stand the test of time – based on the book “Perennial Seller” by Ryan Holiday

How to build a perennial seller?

Have you ever wondered why some works are considered great success and are known and bought even after decades? In every industry – publishing, film, restaurant, software development – certain products (works) can be described as “timeless”.

“How is it possible that the movie The Shawshank Redemption was unsuccessful  at the time of its release, but eventually grossed over $100 million and became a cult film?” – This is one of the questions the book carefully answers.


“The hourly rate depends on the speed at which you work ” – about how to talk to a graphic designer about working on a project

Cooperation with a graphic designer is an inseparable stage in the development of many companies. Logo, new website, online store, social media… well designed visual identity of the brand influences its reception by the customers, helps to find new recipients and is undoubtedly the key to a marketing success. How to start working with a graphic designer so that the effects of his work will allow you to achieve your goals?


Thou Shalt Innovate: How Israeli Ingenuity Repairs the World, about the innovation in Israel

I was lucky to be in Israel. I have always associated it with the beginnings of  Judaism and Christianity, strict adherence to religious principles and … wars. I did not think of Israel as a state of innovators.


CodeAll deployment in Ukraine

We are very pleased to announce that we have established cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (United Nations development agency, helping countries achieve the Sustainable Development Goals). CodeAll will be implemented in Kiev, Ukraine at Liko school.