How do we help corporate employees communicate during a pandemic?

There are times when the world surprises. Such a surprise was surely the COVID-19 pandemic, which  has  affected the lives of almost every person on Earth. It would seem that nothing can stop the fast-moving world, but it happened.

Production at the factories of  Volkswagen Poznań  was also stopped, and the vast majority of the company’s  nearly  11, 000 employees had to stay at home for several weeks.

Such a situation has taken place in VW Poznań only once so far – in 2009, production was suspended for several days due to the global crisis. Cars are not produces for the warehouses, but at the customer’s specific orders. Due to the drop in demand, it was then decided to suspend production.


Get and display Tweets in GatsbyJS

Social media are the most powerful tools in the modern world. Internet reaches areas which it didn’t in the past, the mobile applications market grows and more and more people use social media. As you can see in the chart below, Twitter shares drop in the social media market.
On the other hand, where Facebook and Instagram are mostly applications for marketing purposes, Twitter is, in my opinion, the best information tool. That’s why I would like to show how to get recent tweets and display them in a GatsbyJS application. 

Testing – why is it so important and how you can benefit from it?

The topic seems quite obvious and many developers have either heard something about tests or know very well what they are, but unfortunately they still do not use them in their projects. It’s often due to lack of time / budget for such an undertaking. However, in our opinion, it is worth investing some time in software testing, because it will certainly pay off in the future.


Startup Guide Part. 1: How to build a startup

6 ways to sell so that they remember you

These days, sales are more innovative than ever, especially in the software industry. Thanks to digitization we can sell our products all over the world without leaving home. However, some principles have not changed and I would like to discuss them here.
I will give you some tips that will help you not only to gain trust among potential customers, but above all to increase your sales conversion.


BigData Chatbot – chatbot powered by machine learning that acquires knowledge from company documents

Imagine this is the first time you’re using a company car. Unfortunately, the fuel light turns on in the middle of the route. You don’t want to bother your colleagues, so you wonder where you could find the address of the nearest petrol station cooperating with your company on your own. You know that there is such information in “The Rules Governing the Use of the Fleet for Business Trips”, but you don’t have it at hand, and even if you did, you wouldn’t imagine stopping the car on the shoulder of the road and searching through a few dozen pages because you need an answer now.

And suddenly… it dawns on you that your colleagues kept saying “if you need anything just ask the chatbot”. You stop the car, ask a question and your phone immediately displays a list of petrol stations where you can refuel your company car and you can breathe in peace again.


How did we manage to „Enter the game” – that is, step by step about creating our mobile game

If you don’t know what the game we created is yet , before reading this text you must  find out about it here: how to educate employees more effectively – a few words about a game.

And if you know, here is the continuation of our adventure …


How to educate employees more effectively – a few words about a game that employees can play to the delight of their boss

Do you know this feeling? You are already spending the third hour on industry training, and time seems to have stopped. You don’t  know how to sit in a chair anymore, to forget that you have a spine just for a while, and a walk to the toilet begins to appear to you as the top-flight  entertainment.

We also know it …


Is your culture turquoise enough?

Our CEO, Mateusz Jarus, recently had a pleasure to take part in VenturePoland™ Podcast by Daniel Czachorowski.

If you’re interested:
– what is a turquoise organization?
– why did we turn down a 1 000 000 PLN investment in our startup?
– what are the 12 questions that predict success in a startup?
– how to survive 24 months cashflow issues?
– what kind of innovative startups Expansio has developed so far?
– why the culture of the company is so important in terms of its business success?
– how do we organize our selling processes to make them as effective as possible?

then please listen:

South Summit

Summary of the South Summit conference in Madrid

Let it not be so that we only shoot selfie at cool conferences for startups, I will share  my thoughts on this trip.