Expansio is a Polish Software House. We are known as a turquoise startup ("turkusowy startup" in Polish). Why? Because we not only offer software services, but we also develop startup projects. Please take a look at our open positions.

Mobile Developer

Do you have experience in developing mobile applications in leading mobile technologies? Do you like React Native, Ionic, NativeScript or Flutter? Read more - maybe it's a position for you? Click below.

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Backend Developer

Are you more interested in server side technologies? Do you like to optimize the backend side of the project, work with the databases, optimize performance? Then backend position is for you. Click below.

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Frontend Developer

How about working with the frontend of the application? Do you have a sense of aesthetics, a sense of how interactions work? Do you like creating pixel-perfect designs? If JavaScript is your second language, then click below.

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Graphic Designer

Do you like to play with the graphics and create beautiful designs for applications? Typography and illustrations are your name and surname? Do you like working with software developers? If yes, click below.

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Account Manager

Do you have experience in working with the clients? Do you easily make contacts? At the same time you have some technical background? If business negotiations are your nature, please click below.

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Content Editor / Copywriter

Do you like writing texts? If you are a scrupulous writer, create high quality content and you are familiar with new technologies then this position may be for you. If you would like to work with our chatbot or write blog posts, please click below.

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