How to set up a startup having only several hundred zlotys?


  • Is passion essential when setting up a business?
  • What is necessary to make even the most clichéd idea profitable?
  • How did I start my first business in England spending about 100 zl on it?
  • How can you earn millions of zlotys on a blog?
  • How is it possible that teaching people Excel can bring hundreds of thousands of dollars in income?

Three key attributes of an entrepreneur, why most small business don’t work?

This entry is inspired by Michael Gerber’s book called „The E-Myth”. The subtitle of the book is „Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to do About It” and it focuses, as it was said, mainly on small enterprises ? Startup has a little different working scheme from a traditional small company (e.g. a bakery). However, there are some entrepreneur’s attributes which, in my opinion, in both cases are crucial to run a company well.


How to prepare a good pitch?

A work on your company can last for years, but to present your idea in front of an audience or investors you’ll sometimes have only… 2 minutes.

This is what pitch is all about – a short presentation during which you should be able to present plainly what you create and why anybody should be interested in it. Such presentations usually last from 2 to 10 minutes. Why such a short time? Because of several reasons:


How to pick and idea for a startup? Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1, you can do it right here


  • What can be more important than the idea for a startup itself?
  • What are the three methods of looking for a new business idea?
  • What three rules should one follow when looking for a business idea?
  • How did I choose the ideas that I later decided to take up professionally?


A turquoise startup (teal company) – introduction (Part 1)

This is the first entry of the series of posts about a turquoise startup (or generally speaking about a turquoise company).

If you don’t know what a startup is, read my post on this subject

Whoever goes out ahead and takes the risk of new challenges will probably meet with resistance or will be called naive, a dreamer, or a fool. – Frederic Laloux, “Reinventing Organizations”


What is a startup?

When writing a blog about startups it would be great to write  what a startup really  is. Not everyone reading  these entries has to be aware of that. In any case, it appears that even people interested in the subject sometimes have problems  defining what is and what isn’t a startup.


How to pick an idea for a startup? Part 1

This topic is so extensive that I’m going to divide it into two parts. The first part is rather  addressed  to people who haven’t run a startup before.


  1. About the essence  of running a startup – how to define it in a few words.
  2. What is  the purpose  of running a startup.
  3. What questions you should answer before you  start thinking  about an idea for a startup.
  4. Why the idea itself can be less important than all the other questions shown in this entry.
  5. You’ll read a couple of inspiring topics which will probably change your nearest future.
  6. You’ll read about my experiences with startup ideas within following weeks in the next part of this entry. 🙂

It’s not important what your customers say but what they do

In  our life, we tend  to have  some  inconsistency – we say something and then do something else. If you are employing somebody in your company, you could have encountered a situation when your employee, on one hand, praised your company and claimed to be happy with the cooperation, and a month later he  quit his job and went to the competition. One day in dismay a  husband finds out that his wife is cheating on him, although he was sure that everything was okay. In trade it can turn out that everybody around praises your product, but no-one will eventually buy it.


What’s the secret of a startup’s success?

A legendary hero is usually a founder of something – he begins a new era, forms a new religion, establishes a new town, or creates a new lifestyle. In order to create something new one has to give up the old and set off to search for initial concepts– some catchy idea with potential to introduce something new.

– Joseph Campbell, Power of Myth