How do we help corporate employees communicate during a pandemic?

There are times when the world surprises. Such a surprise was surely the COVID-19 pandemic, which  has  affected the lives of almost every person on Earth. It would seem that nothing can stop the fast-moving world, but it happened.

Production at the factories of  Volkswagen Poznań  was also stopped, and the vast majority of the company’s  nearly  11, 000 employees had to stay at home for several weeks.

Such a situation has taken place in VW Poznań only once so far – in 2009, production was suspended for several days due to the global crisis. Cars are not produces for the warehouses, but at the customer’s specific orders. Due to the drop in demand, it was then decided to suspend production.


Testing – why is it so important and how you can benefit from it?

The topic seems quite obvious and many developers have either heard something about tests or know very well what they are, but unfortunately they still do not use them in their projects. It’s often due to lack of time / budget for such an undertaking. However, in our opinion, it is worth investing some time in software testing, because it will certainly pay off in the future.


Startup Guide Part. 1: How to build a startup

6 ways to sell so that they remember you

These days, sales are more innovative than ever, especially in the software industry. Thanks to digitization we can sell our products all over the world without leaving home. However, some principles have not changed and I would like to discuss them here.
I will give you some tips that will help you not only to gain trust among potential customers, but above all to increase your sales conversion.