React Native Team Leader – remote work

We are looking for a React Native Team Leader to join our turquoise team.

Salary: 18 000 – 22 000 PLN + VAT

Please read our values (in Polish):

Your responsibilities

As a React Native Team Leader you will be responsible for:

  • the implementation of mobile applications written in React Native, including cooperation with the team responsible for the backend part
  • managing a small team of 3-5 developers
  • indicating the direction of application development, transferring knowledge to other people, verification of the code written by other team members
  • we encourage you to share your knowledge during the so-called “Dev meetings”, i.e. meetings of the whole development team, held every two weeks

We are looking for emotionally mature people who can work in a team.


  • you have 2 years of experience in React Native technology and you have been a project leader in the past
  • you have very good knowledge of JavaScript, ES6, TypeScript
  • you have very good knowledge of git
  • you know how to debug React Native applications
  • you have experience with Redux, MobX etc.
  • you have experience with writing reusable components
  • you care about writing high-quality code and know the practices of the so-called frontend architecture (maybe you have completed the course “Architektura na froncie“?)
  • you can organize your work on your own
  • you are open to manage a small team of programmers (3-5 people)
  • you are willing to engage in new, often demanding projects
  • you are open to receive feedback and treat it as an opportunity for your development
  • you like yourself and others
  • you have a “let’s solve this problem” approach to life rather than “oh no, something again …”

Then you might be a good fit.

Knowledge of Polish language is welcome but not a prerequisite. We currently speak English in the company.

About Expansio

Expansio was founded as a company that engages in innovative IT projects. We develop our own startup products and offer programming services for our clients.

We took part in accelerators for startups (e.g. Google Launchpad Start, Swiss Kickstart, StartupSpark), we were awarded many times (e.g. we were selected as one of the 10 best startups at the South Summit conference in Madrid, we won the Edulab competition, gaining the opportunity to invest 1,000,000 PLN into a company, we were awarded in the Microentrepreneur of the Year 2019 competition), we presented ourselves all over the world, including Africa (Rwanda and South Africa), we received two grants from the National Center for Research and Development, one for over PLN 2,000,000 and the other for over PLN 3,000,000. We showed our products, for example, in Dubai or Saudi Arabia. We have been awarded by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

We work with well-known brands. We have built mobile applications for thousands of users. We have implemented:

Here you can see opinions about us on Clutch:

The founder of Expansio is Mateusz Jarus, the founder of three startups. For many years he worked as a programmer and scientist, publishing scientific articles in the field of Green ICT. He participated in the TOP 500 Innovators program at the University of Cambridge, where he gained knowledge in the field of building startups and commercialization of science. This encouraged him to engage in business activities.

Currently, we work mainly remotely. We have our office in Poznań (in the Poznań Science and Technology Park), it is open and you can work there, but most of the employees work from home.

What project will you be working on?

We would like you to get involved in a project that we have been developing for about 3 years for a large Polish company in the electronics and household appliances industry. It is very popular in Poland but we can’t publish its name here due to NDA. The application is written in React Native and has been in production for about 3 years. We are currently preparing to start implementing the next stages.

We are 100% authors of the frontend part. From the very beginning of this project, we have been cooperating in its development with another software house from Poznań, which in turn is 100% responsible for the backend.

You will be a Team Leader in a team of 3-5 programmers.

Later, it is possible to involve you in the development of our own product, which is an internal communication application for large companies. Details about it can be found here:

So far, it has been implemented at Volkswagen Poznań, we are currently deploying it for a large Japanese company (don’t worry – we have a team that will take care of this deployment, you will not be involved in it) and we plan to continue selling this tool to other companies in the future.

What is the daily work like?

We are a turquoise company. You can read more about it here. (here is another post – currently only in Polish, it will be translated soon)

We care about a good atmosphere at work and good results of our work. This helps us a lot to achieve that:

  • transparency of information, including financial information,
  • regular team meetings, during which we are not afraid to appreciate ourselves, but also to speak openly what we do not like and should change
  • focus on development, gaining new knowledge, team cooperation in solving problems
  • basing our work on trust and responsibility.

We often create unusual and risky projects, but at the same time interesting and very developing.

We have our office with the Poznań Science and Technology Park. We have now introduced a hybrid work mode in which everyone has the freedom to work from home or office.

We offer:

  • Salary in the amount of PLN 18 000 – 22 000 PLN + VAT on a B2B contract or the corresponding amount, if you prefer a contract of employment (with the same employer’s costs). We are also open to less experienced people, then we will individually discuss the amount of remuneration.
  • We currently have a hybrid work mode in which each person decides whether to work from home or from the office. The vast majority of people work remotely.
  • Turquoise work environment, including 8-hour working day with no overtime and no work on weekends

How to apply?

Send us your CV to