Most essential features

Real-time sync

Developing backend system in PHP and using Symfony framework allowed us to create a real-time application. Communication via REST API lets the mobile app retrieve data from the server, where all the panels and tasks are kept. Thanks to this solution new panels are created on the server on an ongoing basis and shown to the user at any given point.

Subtle notifications

We used Google's Firebase to send push notifications. Its Cloud Messaging provides a battery-efficient connection between a server and all devices. Thanks to Firebase, our users can deliver and receive messages and notifications on iOS and Android for free. Beyond that, every ETG player is notified about new posts, jobs, chat messages, and the upcoming events.

User security

Employee accounts were created automatically by e-mails sent to users by hashes. A unique hash was created for each VW employee based on their employee ID and date of birth. This password was then sent to our app. For security reasons, we do not store any employee data in the database.

High performance

ETG is a mobile app built in React Native. Its hybrid technology allowed us to create the app along with native platform capabilities. This reflects well with our idea behind ETG – having a single tool that we can use to build application that works flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices.

Users are the most valuable testers

Every developer knows that theory and practice do not always go hand in hand. Therefore, in order to eliminate any display and smoothness irregularities, ETG was tested on different Android and Apple’s iOS phones, but this was not the end...We believe that users’ experience is the only way to get real feedback. Therefore, right after achieving technological proficiency, we have made ETG available to 1042 Volkswagen employees to use it and share their opinions on the app.

Looks are not everything…

But we believe that if learning material catches our eye and is aesthetically pleasing, it will stay in our memory for longer.

Mutual benefits

The benefits of the game apply to both employees and employers.

Real benefits

ETG gives a great opportunity not only to implement an innovative form of education, but also to let the gamers (and real workers!) integrate with the team and feel as a part of the company.

Productivity growth

Thanks to ETG, VW gained a well-trained team, whose knowledge went beyond their daily duties at work, and highly motivated employees willing to improve their competences. It can therefore be concluded that a noticeable productivity growth in the company was a natural consequence of completing the test phase of Enter the Game.

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Our desire was to create a credible, educational and enjoyable mobile app for Volkswagen employees that makes them so proud that they will brag about it to their family and friends. Together with VW, we aimed at an effective combination of innovation, creativity and fun. But above all, we wanted to create a captivating game that will help its players find engagement and a sense of belonging in the workplace.

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