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Where do you work?

We have our office at Poznań Science and Technology Park, Poland. We have access here to multiple startup mentors and advisors.

Will I be the owner of the rights to the source code of the application?

Yes, you will be the owner of all of the Intellectual Property Rights within the project.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

Depending on the complexity of the application it may cost somewhere between $20,000 and $60,000. More complex apps may be up to $100,000.

Why do you work in React Native?

React Native is a hybrid technology. What it means is that once you write a code it will work both on Android and iOS. There are some differences between these two platforms so there is always a need to modify the source code a little. However, React Native generally significantly reduces the development time – you don’t need to write two separate applications for two platforms.

It is also quite flexible – it allows to write code in languages such as Java for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS. So when there is a need to write something very specific for a given platform, it is also possible.

Do you also develop the backend of the app?

Of course! We take care of the server-side of the application. We develop it in PHP.

How many developers do you have?

Our whole team is over 12 people with 8+ (currently hiring) frontend and backend developers. We also hire hardware developer, graphic designer and industrial designer.

Can you show me some apps that you developed?

Yes. Take a look at VW Communication app for over 10 000 people (App Store, Google Play).

Enter the game is a mobile educational app for corporations. It was deployed at Volkswagen for over 1000 people and soon will be deployed at Ericsson. It is not publicly available in Google Play or App Store but you may:

CodeAll is a mobile app with a chatbot that teaches coding. It is now tested internally but you may:

We have developed a mobile app for couriers for one of the biggest Polish retailers (cannot disclose the name currently due to NDA provisions). It is an internal app but we will show some more info about it soon.

Why do you have so many awards?

We started as a startup, developing our own product. We enrolled to startup accelerators, conferences and other events. As a result, we have took part in a few startup accelerators (e.g. Google Launchpad Start, Kickstart accelerator, StartupSpark) and  won multiple awards (e.g. 1 of TOP 10 EdTech startups worldwide at SouthSummit conference, best EdTech startup in Edulab competition).

Based on this experience we help today our clients developing their own products.

Who founded Expansio?

Expansio was founded by Mateusz Jarus. Mateusz is a co-founder of three startups. He has spent more than 10 years developing innovative software products for international clients.

He has actively contributed to research works, resulted in over 15 papers and multiple presentations at conferences around the world. His research experience includes collaboration with Poznan University of Technology, University of Notre Dame (USA), Cambridge University (UK) and Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center.

Are you better than other Software Houses?

We have one competitive advantage – from the very beginning we have been involved in innovative startup projects. We have been a startup ourselves. We took part in many acceleration programs and helped other startups develop their own products. Now we can share our experience with you. We do not just develop apps but also offer our knowledge in business development.

We are also a teal organization. This kind of work builds a lot of trust and between us, helps us in open communication and makes each person in the team approach their work with great responsibility. It really makes our work more efficient and effective.

What information should I prepare to get a detailed quote from you?

Think about what functionalities your project will contain. The more detailed you describe what will work and how, the easier it will be for us to price our work. Mock-ups will also be helpful. Even the simplest User Flow sketch will allow us to understand your assumptions.

Do you create websites?

Yes, but we focus mainly on projects based on ready-made templates, e.g. from here.