Cold-calling (Junior Sales Representative and Inside Sales Representative) – remote work

We are looking for two people to join our teal team to perform cold-calling: Junior Sales Representative and Inside Sales Representative.


  • you are considered ambitious, can’t live without challenges, and friends say you demand a lot from yourself,
  • you like to win and don’t give up easily when faced with a setback,
  • you have an attitude that doesn’t let you get discouraged when you hear a “no” from a client and you just keep going,
  • you enjoy persuading others to your point of view when you believe your solution is better.

And at the same time:

  • you like people, and helping others gives you a drive to act,
  • you easily understand others – you can easily empathize with their situation and imagine why they behave in one way or another,
  • if you want, you can be the life of the party, and establishing contact comes naturally to you,
  • self-improvement and growth are a natural part of your life and you can’t imagine standing still…

…then perhaps you are the person we are looking for.

A few words about us

Expansio is a Polish company and is engaging in innovative IT projects. We develop both our own startup products and offer programming services to our clients. 

Our work has been recognized with numerous awards. We have participated in startup accelerators (e.g. Google Launchpad Start, Swiss Kickstart, StartupSpark), received multiple accolades (e.g., selected as 1 of 10 top startups at the South Summit conference in Madrid, won the Edulab competition, securing an investment opportunity of 1,000,000 PLN for the company, and were distinguished in the Micro-entrepreneur of the Year 2019 competition). We have showcased our work worldwide, including in Africa (Rwanda and South Africa), and received two grants from the National Centre for Research and Development, one amounting to over 2,000,000 PLN and another to over 3,000,000 PLN. We’ve demonstrated our products in places like Dubai or Saudi Arabia. We’ve been highlighted by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

We collaborate with renowned brands. We’ve built mobile applications for thousands of users. Some of our projects include:

You can see reviews about us on the Clutch platform here: 

Expansio’s founder is Mateusz Jarus. For many years, he worked as a programmer and researcher, publishing scientific articles in the field of Green ICT. He participated in the TOP 500 Innovators program at the University of Cambridge, where he gained knowledge on building startups and commercializing science. This inspired him to delve into business activities.

Currently, we work primarily remotely but we have our office in Poznań (located in the Poznań Science and Technology Park).

We are a teal company (article translated with Google Translate)

A few words about the project for which we are seeking someone for calling:

This is a mobile application for large companies employing blue-collar workers (a minimum of 500 people, but our typical clients are companies employing several thousand workers: in manufacturing, logistics, retail, hotels).

Employees can install the app on their private phones. Within the app, they will find important information published by the employer, but they also have access to a variety of company data, such as: shift schedules, benefits, updated canteen menus, internal recruitments, a bulletin board, the ability to sign up for company events, quizzes, surveys, and much more).

Under this link, you will find a short video showcasing the application, and here you will find a presentation about it.

Polish website of this project may be found here:

English and other versions of this website are available under this link:

This is a startup project, but we’ve already implemented the application in several companies, including Volkswagen, NGK Ceramics, and Phoenix Contact, serving nearly 20,000 users in total. Annually, the app is launched over 3 million times. Previous implementations were in facilities in Poland; now we want to start expanding abroad.

Your responsibilities as a Junior Sales Representative (offer #1)

As an Junior Sales Representative, you will be responsible for verifying the phone numbers that we provide to you. Typically, these will be phone numbers to company reception desks. In practice, your job will consist of calling the provided number and initially verifying if the number is correct and if someone answers. Sometimes it will be necessary to call several times.

If someone answers, your role will be to ask for the direct number of the person we ultimately want to talk to (the name of this person will also be provided by us). Once you obtain this number, you’ll save it in our database and pass on the task to the next person in our company, who will be responsible for making the call to that specific individual.

So, your role is to streamline the work of the next person, who, thanks to you, won’t have to spend time calling reception desks and searching for direct numbers

We have the calling process well-organized in Poland. So far, we have made over 1000 such calls. You will be onboarded by Patrycja Jarus, who handles cold-calling in Poland. Patrycja is a mediator, a communication specialist, and she will train you step by step on conducting conversations with clients. For the first few weeks, she will also listen to selected calls you have with clients to provide real-time feedback.

Your responsibilities as an Inside Sales Representative (offer #2)

As an Inside Sales Representative, you will be responsible for acquiring new clients for our most important product – an internal communication mobile app.

Your responsibilities will involve making calls to HR positions in large companies (Human Resources Director, Human Resources Business Partner, Human Resources Specialist). Names, surnames, LinkedIn profiles, company names, and phone numbers will be prepared by others, so you will be not searching for the details.

Your aim is not to sell our application – our clients typically take about a year to decide on implementation, and sales don’t happen over the phone. In most cases, you won’t even mention specifically what we’re selling.

Your goal is to verify if the client has needs addressed by our application, that is, whether they are interested in increasing employee engagement in the company, building greater trust among employees towards the company, reducing employee turnover, consciously building the company’s image in the eyes of the employees, and improving internal communication.

Your ultimate goal will be to arrange a meeting for the client with our CEO, Mateusz Jarus (a teleconference meeting from the client’s side), during which Mateusz will discuss the project details and answer all questions.

We have the calling process well-organized in Poland. So far, we have made over 1000 such calls. You will be onboarded by Patrycja Jarus, who handles cold-calling in Poland. Patrycja is a mediator, a communication specialist, and she will train you step by step on conducting conversations with clients. For the first few weeks, she will also listen to selected calls you have with clients to provide real-time feedback.

How does the daily work look like?

We are a teal organization. You can read more about this here or here (articles translated with Google Translate). 

We care about a good work atmosphere and the results of our work. What really helps with this is:

  • transparency of information, including financial information, 
  • regular team meetings during which we are not afraid to appreciate each other but also openly express what we dislike and what needs to change,
  • a focus on growth, acquiring new knowledge, and team collaboration in problem-solving,
  • basing our work on trust and responsibility.

We often create unconventional and risky projects, but at the same time, they are interesting and very developmental.

We employ 15 people and work entirely remotely. We are looking for someone who could commit to working at least 2 hours a day. You can choose the hours you’ll be making calls, but it’s essential to pick times when our clients are working (typically between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm local time).

This job offer is aimed at various countries because we want to start selling in many countries, mainly European ones. It’s therefore essential for you to speak fluently in the local language (e.g., if you will be calling Italy, it’s required that you speak Italian fluently with an Italian accent, and if you will be calling the UK, it’s important that you know British English fluently and also with a British accent)

We understand English, so you will communicate with us in English.

What do we offer?:

  • Remote work with the possibility of choosing convenient working hours for you,
  • a team free from competition and work among people who genuinely support each other,
  • Teal work environment,
  • Since this will be the first time we are hiring someone from abroad for this role, we would like you to propose a compensation that you find satisfactory for this job (hourly rate) and the form of collaboration.

How to apply?

If you have additional questions, you can simply book a meeting in the calendar of our CEO, Mateusz Jarus.

You may also send your CV to