Best Features

Turn-by-turn Directions

Your private programming tutor will guide you right from the start.

Smart Connection

Connect wirelessly to the selected device in the blink of an eye

News Alerts

Receive notifications, e.g. about weather changes or match results.

Instant reply

Receive answers to all your questions in no time.


CodeAll consists of hardware (SmartBox – the central unit and sensors / actuators) and software (chatbot). Please find below the most important information about CodeAll.

Plug & Play

Just connect and use


SmartBox - the size of a pendrive Sensors –
height / width up to 3 cm

SmartBox CPU

Tensilica Xtensa LX6 dual core



Easy coding

in the browser

Programming language

Currently Python, more in the future

Chatbot languages

Planned: English, German, French, Polish

Level of teaching

From zero to Junior Developer


with other online services


You can talk to the chatbot also over Messenger, Slack and more.
Integrate your codes with: IFTTT, Google Docs, mail and more


Light intensity, acceleration, distance, vibration, door/window opening, temperature, humidity,microphone


Smart socket, button, slider, servo

Anywhere you go

All you need to take your first steps in coding is a willingness to learn and an internet connection. You don't need to take out any subscription or pay for anything in advance, because the platform is completely free.
CodeAll allows you to do more captivating things than just printing something on the console. It helps you create truly practical software. You can quickly connect to external services, like weather, NBA statistics, news or online dictionaries in order to create daily weather forecast via e-mail, current info about top NBA players or a language learning software.

Variety of sensors for more fun

CodeAll together with dedicated wireless sensors allows you to program your environment according to your needs. If you decide to go beyond the computer with your skills and to purchase our IoT sensors, which is completely optional, you will be able to choose from many sensors that will make part of your daily activities easier like safe parking, restocking your refrigerator or turning on the light with clapping. You will be also able to perform various measurements, e.g. of acceleration, humidity or vibration.

CodeAll video

Learning real code bit by bit is a key

We take all CodeAll students pretty seriously and that’s why we don’t want them to learn the simplified code or blocks. Instead, we would like to give them the real code that they can actually use in the future. At the same time, we are against hard and unpleasant work, so we decided that the learning material will be divided into small portions for a deeper understanding of each programming problem. Our learning platform will focus on the following issues: variables, types, operators, conditional code, functions, arguments, loops, classes, objects and bug fixing. All of them are woven into more than 90 engaging scenarios for making an intelligent environment.

A chatbot that develops with you

Our chatbot was built using machine learning technologies. Thanks to the algorithms used CodeAll learns new things over time from the people it chats with, e.g. it monitors the errors appearing in the code and notes the questions people ask.

See our mobile game!