What is artificial intelligence and how does it affect our lives?

Beethoven AI Project

On September 9,  2021, the premiere of the  completed version of Beethoven’s 10th symphony took place in Bonn, Germany.  The 200-year delay in premiere, however, was not caused by the loss of materials or the concealment of the publication by the German composer. Ludwik simply did not have time to finish his work. Fortunately, almost two centuries after his death, artificial intelligence did it for him.


Virtual influencers

War of the worlds

October 30, 1938, at 8 p.m.. It was almost supper time, and many New Jersey residents had their radios turned on. Usually at that time the announcer talked about the latest political, cultural and stock exchange events. That evening , however, the residents heard a completely different announcement.


Made to stick – how to talk to the mind to make it want to remember

On a sunny morning two children run to an Enclave car. They are followed by their parents. Father opens the door and the boot and  mother helps to pack the things needed for the picnic. The boy takes the dog to his lap. The girl holds in her hands the bouquet of flowers gathered in the garden. When everyone is ready , the father starts the car and they go on a road trip.

In the background the woman’s voice is heard: „ The Enclave is a minivan to the max. It has a remotely controlled sliding door, sunroof, built-in navigation or even heated cup holders”. Each advantage is neatly visualized on a close-up.